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KEB Hana Bank Distributes Lunch Box to Tanjung Priok Area April 20, 2015

KEB Hana Bank, in cooperation with Happy Center Foundation, continued to conduct the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event on Saturday (18/4). CEO and expatriates prepared the lunch box together with their family and distributed to underprivileged people. “I am happy spending time together with the community. By doing so, we get many life lessons and know how to be thankful for our life,” said Lee Jae Hak, CEO of KEB Hana Bank. The event took place around Railway Station in Tanjung Priok.

Since eight years ago, Happy Center Foundation always gives KEB Hana a chance to engage with locals by directly preparing the lunch box and giving donations for them as the purpose is to support the ones who wish for helps. Hopefully, the CSR can continuously conducted to raise the awareness of giving as well as getting engaged with community. “I am grateful for being able to participate in this CSR; starting from preparing the meals for the unfortunate children, teaching them English, and having small talk with some of them. I hope I can be an inspiration and wish them all the best. The last but not least, I am looking forward for another chance to join this kind of event,” said Warren Park, Financial Consultant of KEB Hana Bank.


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