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Increase Its Mutual Fund Products, KEB Hana Bank and RHB Asset Management Indonesia Signs A Cooperation Agreement November 30, 2016

PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (KEB Hana Bank) enters into a cooperation agreement with PT RHB Asset Management Indonesia (RHBAMI) to distribution of mutual fund products for retail customers in Indonesia on Wednesday (30/11). The bank states that the agreement is the establishment of its commitment to broaden their expansion in retail banking market and to add up the choices of mutual fund products, in order to meet the needs of affluent customers and emerging affluent of reliable and convenient investation solution.

People’s interest and participation in mutual fund products is increasing throughout the years. According to the data collected by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Financial Services Authority), the total amount of assets under management grows by 12.11%, from Rp 241.57 trillion per late 2014 to Rp 270,84 trilion per 28 December 2015. This means that people in Indonesia become progresively aware of the importance of investation. Such increase also means that the rate of investor confidence towards mutual fund industry significantly raises.

CEO of KEB Hana Bank, Martin Lee, contends, “establishing cooperation agreement with RHB will strenghten our commitment and position in retail banking market in Indonesia. KEB Hana Bank customers are now able to access more high quality mutual fund products managed by professional and experienced investation manager.”

Martin Lee also explains that it is important for KEB Hana Bank to add up the number of available products. “Each customer has his own investation profile and reference. By establishing this agreement, we would like to expand our series of available products and to give better financial solutions for our customers. More importantly, because of the agreement, we hope much more new customers will come and choose us”, he says.

CEO of RHBAMI, Rima Noulita Suhaimi, enthusiatically utters, “We are glad that we and KEB Hana Bank have made this cooperation agreement. Hopefully a massive sinergy will be established because of this agreement. RHBAMI already has promising experience and qualification in investation and management while KEB Hana Bank owns a great number of distribution network and provides fast, covenient and satisfaction oriented services to its customers. This amazing combination of the two companies of course is the demand of our customers.”

Optimal Investation with Reliable Mutual Fund Choice
Through KEB Hana Bank’s 13 branches in big cities in Indonesia, both KEB Hana Bank and RHBAMI agrees to distribute three mutual fund products, they are RHB Alpha Sector Rotation, RHB LQ45 Tracker, and RHB Rupiah Liquid Fund. Those products, with Rupiah denomination, will be the alternative of investation for customers with different investation profile.

RHB Alpha Sector Rotation offers unique investation strategy that uses particular industrial cycle to create optimal development. Meanwhile, RHB LQ45 Tracker holds out investation strategy that reflects the LQ45’s rate of return, that is the index of 45 most liquid shares with the biggest capitalization value. These two mutual funds is only for investors with the highest risk profile. Furthermore, RHB Rupiah Liquid Fund, in which the mutual fund products provides interesting return of investation and is able to meet the need of short-term cash, can be the best solution for investors with low risk profile.  

Head of Funding and Wealth Management Business Division of KEB Hana bank, Gempur Widansyah, states, “We are glad to cooperate with RHB, so that we can distribute open-end three mutual fund products in 13 KEB Hana Bank’s branches. This year’s pioneering mutual fund cooperation agreement is expected to be as successful as bancassurance that has been released last year.”

Gempur asserts, “Overall, KEB Hana Bank successfully collect Rp 2 trillion asset under management of wealth management in less than 10 months. This achievement surely be our spirit to constantly develop our wealth management business, by adding up the alternative of the type of investation for KEB Hana Bank customers.”


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