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Personal Internet Banking

MyHana Personal Internet Banking

Web Based Internet Banking service for personal customer to do safe, fast, and easy transaction via internet without visiting local branch.

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  • Internet Banking Benefits
    • Online Purchase/Bill Payment
    • F/X Transfer
    • Bulk Transfer in My Hana Internet Banking up to 3000 receivers


  1. Balance inquiry (saving, giro, and deposito)
  2. Fund transfer from hana to other online banks (online, LLG, and RTGS).
  3. Purchase online voucher and PLN prepaid.
  4. Electricity, water, phone, credit card, insurance, internet, e-commerce, zakat, and other payment.
  5. Remittance (Domestic and international fund transfer)
  6. F/X Transfer (Transfer from KEB Hana to Keb Hana from USD to IDR and vice versa)
  7. Open an account(deposit and Hana Future Saving)
  8. Currency exchange rate information .
  9. Saving interest rate information.
  10. Balance, transaction, and loan rate information.

Transaction Limit & Fees

Transaction Limit & Fees
Transaction Limit/Transaction * Limit/Day * Fee *
Overbooking (Same CIF) Unlimited Unlimited Free
Overbooking (Different CIF) 100.000.000 Free
Online Transfer 50.000.000 6.500
LLG 100.000.000 3.000
RTGS > 100.000.000
2,000,000.000 15.000

* * in Rupiah

Registration and Activation

Registration and Activation

After registering My Hana Internet Banking via Customer Service,
you need to activate your account in KEB Hana Banking Website with the following steps:

  • Choose register in MyHana Personal Banking service.
  • Enter your temporary User ID sent via SMS to your phone.
  • Enter your debit card PIN.
  • Click Agree in Term & Condition, then click verify.

After registration process is completed, your userid and password will automatically available to be used in myHana Mobile Banking.


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