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Welcome to KEB Hana Priority Banking

Thank you for choosing KEB Hana Priority Banking and welcome to the service

You will realize a different approach on how we treat banking relationship. Supported by suite of products and services, we are committed to always prioritize you with a bespoke banking service that understands you better. That way, you can focus on your priority in making a difference.

About Us

  • Priority is Yours

    In Korean, Hana means the first. The name signifies a progressive approach that recognize we only have one chance in life. That is why priority must be assigned over what matters most.

  • A Bank You Can Trust

    PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (KEB Hana Bank) has a long term credit rating of AAA(idn) from Fitch Ratings Indonesia (June 2016).


  • Your Everyday Banking with KEB Hana Priority Banking

    We have designed a holistic approach to meet your differing financial needs.
    From savings account to bespoke banking services, we are ready to support your evolving and unique financial requirements:

    • Savings and term deposits
      Range of savings and term deposits products meeting your needs for transaction convenience and flexibility.
    • Bancassurance
      First-class products from our bancassurance partners.
    • Loan products
      We provide comprehensive loan products, including personal loan, credit line, credit card and mortgage.
  • First-Class Privileges

    Enriching your KEB Hana Priority Banking experience:

    • Professional Relationship Managers who are always ready to assist you.
    • Airport pick up at Changi to your first destination in Singapore. This facility is valid once every 6 months to customers with minimum IDR 1 billion in Total Relationship Balance.
    • Complimentary Safe Deposit Box for customers with minimum IDR 1 billion in Total Relationship Balance.
    • Invitation to movie premieres and exclusive events.
  • Passion for Craftsmanship

    We understand that attention to details is a critical ingredient when creating a masterpiece. Attention to details is also reflected in our proud heritage and culture.

    It is our hope to help you building celebrated financial masterpieces, leveraging on what we know best.

    We want to be your trusted partner when you plan important moments, such as planning education for your children, opening your first business, or buying your dream house.

  • E- Banking Service

    You can take advantage of our E-Banking service and transact conveniently, anytime and anywhere.

    Choose one or more E-Banking services that fit you best, including our internet banking, mobile banking and SMS banking.

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  • Craft Your Financial Future With Us

    Start a relationship with KEB Hana Priority Banking. We will be happy to arrange a meeting with our Relationship Manager. Simply contact us:


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